This is the highest quality of wood available that is obtained by using the heart of the tree. The teak at this place is very dense, uniform in color, free of defect and rich in natural oils. These trees, which are 30 to 50 years old, or more, come from sustainable managed forests. The garden furniture in Grade A lasts very long.

Origin: Thailand, Myanmar.

Product maintenance : Teak is a wood filled with an oleoresin that naturally protects it from moisture. Faced with external aggression (rain, frost, sunlight), it takes a characteristic gray color but does not lose anthing of its properties.
If you like this gray shade, you can let the wood evolve naturally, and just clean it from time to time with a suitable product.
If you do not want the wood to turn gray, youo can delay this process by treating your furniture with teak oil or sealer containing UV filters. Thus the risk of deposit formation is very significantly reduced.


Lacquered aluminium combines lightness and robustness. It is covered with a baked epoxy paint. It requires little care and does not rust. Aluminium is the ideal material for garden furniture.

Product maintenance : Clean your furniture with slightly soapy water and rinse with clear water. Do not use detergents or abrasives.


Stainless steel is an alloy of steel, carbon, chrominium and/or nickel.Today, over 90% of stainless steel is made from recycled steel. All our stainless steel are of quality “304” (international standard). The main property of this type of steel is the natural resistance to corrosion (because of its composition).

Product maintenance : A soft cloth, or a sponge, with a little washing-up liquid is enough to obtain an impeccable result. For brushed surfaces, rub in the direction of polishing.


This fiber, made from extruded polyethylene, is braided in a traditional way.
Its high-end manufacturing comes from the latest technology of high density polyethylene, called Wintech.
Made in Germany, it withstands temperature variations from -10°C to +50°C without deteriorating or discolouring. This polyethylene, tinted within the mass, resists UV, chlorine and salt.

Product maintenance : A simple jet of pure water or soap is enough to restore all the glare to the resin.


Synthetic material woven with polyester fibers, covered with UV-trated PVC, which gives it high light stability and good resistance to the sun. Textilene fabric is also treated to resist moisture and various molds.

Product maintenance : Clean your textilene furniture with slightly soapy water and rinse with clear water. Textilene is an airy and resistant textile that dries  very quickly in the open air. However, it is recommended to store your furniture inside during the winter season.


Acrylic fabric that supports summer temperatures and humidity. Because of its UV resistance, it is guaranteed 4 years against fading. Thanks to its technology, the UV Silk fabric is also water-repellent.

Product maintenance : A soft, moist brush is enough for routine maintenance.


Made in France by Dickson Constant, Sunbrella® fabric is a dyed acrylic textile. The color pigments are mixed in the core of the fiber at the initial stage of its manufacture, before even producing the yarn. Sunbrella® colors are resistant to sun damage and bad weather. A wide range of shades offers a harmonious choice and perfectly adapted for indoor and outdoor use.

Solid & Stripes range features:

Composition: 100% acrylic dyed mass
Weight / m²: 260 gr
Breaking strength ch / rev: 160/90 daN
Seam strength: 42.9 / 51.1 daN
Oil repellency: 5 class / 8
Wash stability (40 ° C): +/- 1%
Color fastness UV – outside: 4-5 class / 5
Color fastness dry friction: 5 class / 5
Solidity wet rubbing color: 5 class / 5
Color fastness washing 40 ° C: 5 class / 5
Warranty: 5 years

Product maintenance : A soft, moist brush is enough for routine maintenance. If necessary, wash the canvas in warm water and let it dry in the open air. Do not tumble dry.

BATYLINE® Iso & Lounge® Textile

Manufactured in France using the exclusive Precon-traint® Serge Ferrari® technology, Batyline® textiles are distinguished by their exceptional resistance to tearing and deformation, excellent resistance to UV, mold resistance and comfort of use ( dries quickly, stays cool in summer, easy to clean).

Characteristics :
Composition: High tenacity multi-filament polyester yarns with PVC sheath dyed in the mass, optimized perforation.
Weight / m2: 500 gr / m²
Tear strength ch / tr: 40/40 Kg
Breaking strength ch / rev: 240/240 Kg
Waterproofness: 22%
Warranty: 5 years

Product maintenance : (manufacturer information) A simple wash with the Cleaner 500 gives the fabric its original appearance. Spray the Cleaner 500 on the surface to be cleaned, leave for 2 to 3 minutes. With a soft brush, rub the surface repeatedly in a circular motion and not back and forth. Leave to act for 1 minute. Remove the deposits with a damp sponge and wipe with a dry cloth.

ACUALIS Acua ® Coated Textile

Made in Europe, Acua® fabric is a PVC coating with a close leather feel. Waterproof, anti-UV, fire retardant, anti-salt treatment, antibacterial and anti-fungal treatment. The Acua® fabric is suitable for nautical upholstery and for the cushioning of outdoor furniture thanks to a wide range of colors.

Characteristics :

Composition: 90% vinyl and 10% polyester
Weight / m²: 700 g
Abrasion resistance:> 40000 cycles
UV resistance: 500 hours
UV color fastness: 7
Resistance rupture: N / 5cm> 170
Tear resistance ch / rev: 35/50 N / cm
Fire treatment: IMO A 652 – M2 NF 92-503
Warranty: 5 years

Product maintenance : Soapy water and a soft brush are enough for its maintenance.